The Opportunity

Ecommerce retailers are constantly growing and adding new marketing channels (e.g. marketplaces), new demand channels (mobile), new content (social) and new ecommerce software.

Often ecommerce execution will suffer as the pace of change and output increases beyond current processes and practices. TPG recommends pausing to review current processes and streamline work and responsibilities.

This work unleashes new levels of ecommerce productivity and profits.

What We Do

TPG’s ecommerce process for operations, content and planning provides detailed understanding of the work and how to optimize it for higher profits, more productive teams and stronger, better executed site campaigns. A partial list of our ecommerce process consulting services includes:

  • Ecommerce Process Assessment: Audit, review and benchmark current ecommerce processes versus best practices. Seek to identify opportunities for added productivity, earlier plan lock-downs, clear sign-offs and measures of success.
  • Ecommerce Productivity Analysis: This is a financial review to determine labor costs of operations including the concept of third party support (may or may not include call center (customer service) or warehouse fulfillment operations). Provides a benchmark versus other businesses regarding levels of current investment in labor/personnel.
  • Ecommerce Operations- Best Practice Process Redesign: TPG leverages a set of ecommerce process maps from a high level overview of how all functions work together in a typical pure-play or multi-channel environment. Highlights typical process steps across marketing, merchandising, warehouse, sample management, suppliers, photo/video/copy operations and others. Redesign and streamline processes to remove work that can be automated, removed, re-timed or stopped.
  • Merchandising and Content Planning Calendar: TPG reviews current planning timelines from the moment the merchandisers select a wave of product (season, launch) to the moment the product is put live on the site (and taken down). Working with your teams, TPG designs a new and optimized content planning calendar to drive earlier plan completion, more time to drive breakthrough creative and site merchandising campaigns and less rework.
  • Ecommerce Operations Capacity Planning: Ecommerce operations refers to the entire engine that manages the content, product and user experience on the website. Teams often struggle to manage peaks in promotions, content, creative, product flow and other drivers than impact the site merchandising, photo, video, creative and copy executions.
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