Business Unit Strategy


Business Unit Strategy

Today’s business unit leaders are addressing four strategic opportunities:  1) Where do we play?  2) Where should we play?  3) What is our ambition? and,  4) How do we create value, internally (e.g., corporately, employees, etc.) and externally (e.g., consumers, customers, suppliers, etc.)?

Leading companies are successfully addressing these opportunities, while determining the appropriate balance of business unit self-sufficiency and corporate interdependency, through a highly effective business unit planning processes.

What We Do

TPG has a proven business unit strategic planning model that identifies a path for value creation, differentiation and sustained leadership. TPG Partners have created, led and implemented numerous business unit strategic plans as both practitioners and consultants. Our consulting services include:

  • Category Definition: Research and analysis identifying the BU’s frame of reference from a consumer, shopper and commercial context.
  • Value Drivers: An industry analysis revealing the key value drivers of the business including profit pools, white space and areas of organic growth.
  • Ambition: The creation of an inspiring objective (description in words).
  • Performance Goals: A balanced set of financial and non-financial metrics and targets bridging current reality to a future state.
  • Strategies: A synergistic set of strategies encompassing innovation, marketing, customer development, supply chain, talent development and M&A.
  • Portfolio Plan: The roles and allocation of resources for the BU’s product/service segments and brands.
  • Initiatives: A selective set of tactics for each strategy with clearly defined owners, timing and actions.
  • Mobilization Plan: An implementation plan that includes a critical path with milestones, stakeholder enrollment, external and internal communication and “activation” owners.
  • Robust Model: A repeatable BU planning model and approach that enables self-sufficiency for the client.

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