Quantifying Enterprise Opportunities


Quantifying Enterprise Opportunities

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Enterprise opportunities have the potential to substantially increase revenue, profit & productivity by making full use of your current and emerging assets.

TPG offers a range of client solutions for Quantifying Enterprise Opportunities that achieve these goals and set you up for successful strategies and tactics that capitalize on the learnings.



Quantifying Enterprise Opportunities – Client Solutions

TPG’s Data & Analytics Practice provides Retail & CPG organizations with the structure, process, answers, context, and capabilities needed to create breakthrough growth strategies and plans. Our partial list of client solutions includes:

  • Perfect Store – Omnichannel Optimization: Defining physical + digital conditions that deliver desired outcomes for retailers & customers, so you can develop more effective go-to-market strategies & tactics.
  • Winning Retailer Benchmark Analysis: Comparing cross-retailer execution & results on multiple factors to define winning conditions, so you can identify and exceed today’s best-in-class operators.
  • Portfolio and Investment Foresight: Identifying growth potential and prioritizing asset allocation across departments & categories, allowing you to envision and win the future.
  • Private Brand Opportunity: Quantifying the revenue and profit potential from an enhanced Private Brand approach, a significant and underdeveloped opportunity for many retailers.

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