Retail Joint Value Creation

Collaboration is critical for today’s consumer products distributors, retailers and suppliers. Companies with well-defined value creation strategies processes and policies are co-developing innovative business models and plans that are creating extraordinary growth and competitive advantage. The Partnering Group was founded on the mission of serving clients seeking superior consumer value through collaborative planning. As a result, TPG is the most commonly endorsed consultancy, among leading consumer products companies and associations, for their best practices in joint value creation. TPG continues to develop innovative techniques and methods that will harness the power and resources of the retail-supplier relationship.

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How We Help Clients

business world imageTPG helps companies foster deep partnership for sustainable success.


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TPG helped us change the dialogue with our suppliers which dramatically improved our business.[/rquotebox]

TPG Advantage

As experienced practitioners and consultants, we understand your supplier issues/opportunities and work with your teams to develop the right solutions for a winning plan. With world-class experience in 38 countries across the globe, we have proven best practices to:

  • Develop multi-functional, joint value solutions with your largest suppliers across product innovation, store experience reinvention and digital marketing partnerships
  • Benchmark the organization’s capabilities to drive and sustain this strategic work with Suppliers
  • Train the organization on how to develop and activate this Joint Value Creation work


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