Front of Store Shopping Excellence


Front End Excellence

The front of a retail store (checkout) presents a unique opportunity for the retailer to make a final lasting impression with their shopper. Advances in technology, empowered shoppers and the evolving retail environment have many retailers seeking new innovations. Leading retailers want to capitalize on the potential of this valuable real estate. Recent trends and research in both self and mobile checkout highlight the need to rethink front-of-store design, merchandising and the impact on shopping behavior, particularly when reducing personal contact. Retailers that have successfully addressed the front-of-store opportunity recognize that the solution is multi-faceted, including design, marketing, merchandising and service.


What We Do

TPG’s experienced retail team offers a comprehensive, results-driven approach that can completely redesign the front-of-store shopping experience while dramatically improving productivity.TPG leverages its expertise with the experience from numerous front-of-store engagements to deliver innovative solutions that help our clients win. A partial list of our front-of-store consulting services include:

  • Front-of-Store Landscape: TPG conducts a benchmarking study that explores the current best in class shopper experience in the front-of-store as a comparison point to both current retailer and competitor approaches.
  • Front-of-Store Desired State:
    TPG distills findings from the benchmark study and provides recommendations for the future state of the shopping experience. Part of the analysis will include a review new mobile checkout technologies and a deep dive into the traditional impulse categories surrounding front-of-store for the retailer.
  • Vision & Goals:
    TPG will facilitate working sessions to determine the role for front-of-store strategically and financially for the retailer and the ultimate consumer/shopper experience for shoppers.
    What are our key performance metrics and targets, including shopper metrics and measures?
  • Front-of-Store Strategies:
    The development of the key strategies that will deliver our vision and scorecard targets, while maximizing the “right” partnerships with third party suppliers.
  • Resource Allocation:
    To ensure maximum productivity of the front end space, TPG leads a sales and profit productivity and incrementality analysis to allocate limited front end space appropriately among categories.
  • Concept Development:
    TPG facilitates new concept ideation and design spanning product innovation, new merchandising, and retail marketing techniques. TPG will also provide concept testing results with shoppers for key initiatives.
  • Activation Plan: TPG develops and implements the front-of-store plan and ongoing performance monitoring.
  • Sustainable Capability: Building organization capability (roles, structure, competences) to ensure the ongoing delivery of the plan.

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