Private: Growth

GROWTH: TPG, a global consultancy, assists leading retail and consumer products companies in accelerating growth.

Private: Experience

EXPERIENCE: As industry executives and consultants, TPG’s professionals are uniquely qualified to provide pragmatic yet sustainable solutions.

Private: Insights

INSIGHTS: TPG's professionals combine extensive industry knowledge with advanced analytics to help our clients solve their most critical and challenging opportunities.

Private: Collaboration

COLLABORATION: For 25 years, TPG has guided clients and industries in developing and deploying winning practices in demand creation and collaborative planning.

Expertise & Impact

"Our expertise & experience encompass every major consumer products & retail format & sector, across the world."



In the constantly changing and fast-paced consumer products industry, our clients are increasingly focused on developing and deploying best practices. TPG has been an integral partner in helping identify and shape client and industry Best Practices t ..

News & Insights

Welcome to TPG in the News, the industry journal of The Partnering Group, Inc.. The Partnering Group is dedicated to providing research, insights and best practices to the retail and consumer products industry. Review our blog entries listed below to ..

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