Sales & Operations Planning


Sales & Operations Planning

SC Last 100 Feet

TPG’s solution delivers increased revenues, customer service performance and profit margins and ensures alignment with your organization’s corporate strategic goals.



What We Do

We work collaboratively with you to design an S&OP program that addresses typical client challenges:

    • Incomplete planning formation
    • Limited integration across teams
    • Insufficient planning horizons
    • Clear accountability with defined roles and responsibilities
    • Executive level involvement

TPG’s Proven Approach Delivers Sustainable Results:

I. Discovery – Areas of Opportunity

  • Current Performance
  • Business Strategy / Requirements
  • Organization Design/ Capabilities
  • Tools

II. Implementation – Template Driven

  • Timing
  • Meeting/Presentation Formats
  • Participants

III. Design – Repeatable Process

  • Integrated S&OP Process Design
  • Functional Alignment
  • Inputs/Outputs
  • IV. Sustainability – Improvement

IV. Sustainability – Improvement

  • Coaching Sessions
  • Process Adjustments
  • Results/Value Creation


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