Insight-led engagement strategies which deliver brand and retailer loyalty

Digital and Omni-channel have demonstrated that driving brand consideration and motivating purchase behaviors are no longer discreet consumer vs. shopper activities. With a path to loyalty that is anything but linear, marketers are re-wiring their touchpoint strategies with a pronounced ‘customer-back’ focus – acknowledging that retailers are more than just a selling arm. In many cases, it is a captive platform where the brand engagement funnel is fully mobilized.

Retailers are commanding an ‘enterprise’ lens – driving integrated engagement strategies which seamlessly traverse the online and in store environments. Today’s shopper marketer is no longer just an executional arm driving account-specific programs. The role requires enhanced digital and e-commerce competencies to deliver results.

How We Help Clients

business world imageTPG helps brands drive loyalty with targeted shoppers



TPG helped us leapfrog our shopper marketing capability to an Omni-shopper leadership position

TPG Advantage

TPG leverages a proprietary approach to shopper marketing which has helped brands and retailers engage targeted shoppers, retain their loyalty, and ultimately create advocates who influence and attract others.

  • Leading shopper understanding and insight activation
  • Engagement solutions to build trial, repeat, and loyalty
  • Measuring results


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