eCommerce Strategy


eCommerce Strategy

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The TPG eCommerce Roadmap drives growth with key retail partners including addressing cross channel conflicts, retailer profitability, dynamic pricing, eCommerce fees and SKU delistings.


What We Do

TPG identifies “Where to Play” (key retailers and platforms, key categories and brands) and “How to Win” (priority growth initiatives), 3-year financials and a multi-year roadmap with ROI.

  • Current State Assessment: TPG will evaluate where you are in your digital journey. This completed assessment will identify capabilities, practices, and gaps within your organization. This assessment will set the stage for what is needed to be a top tier digital supplier.
  • Financial Modeling: TPG helps analyze and optimize supplier’s digital commerce models focusing on P&L performance, pricing strategy, investment and incrementality. This leads to an executive aligned 3 year growth strategy.
  • Roadmap for Tools, Capabilities, and Data: TPG helps suppliers identify gaps in tools, capabilities, and data that enables suppliers to be efficient with time, resources, and process. Examples of these areas include content syndicators, digital data providers to monitor and scrape retailers’ websites, and creative and marketing agency needs.
  • Where to Play: TPG will review your existing execution state with key retailers in key categories focusing on digital shelf, digital marketing, category management, supply chain, retailer data, and overall collaboration. Using that data, we help teams make Digital Commerce specific retailer segmentations that guide investment. Similar work is done by category and brand.