Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Consumer products manufacturers continue to grow in size and complexity, highlighting the critical role and challenge of corporate strategy. Driven by the center, corporate strategy identifies a set of actionable and synergistic choices that leverage the scale of the enterprise and, ultimately enables the business units, functions and markets to win.

Effective corporate strategy includes an aspirational vision, clear performance targets and rigorous analysis insuring portfolio and resource optimization. When well deployed, it will reside in the hearts, minds and day-to-day activities of every person within the organization.

What We Do

TPG provides a team of strategists that assist our client’s with their most challenging issues and opportunities by stimulating the identification and development of selective, synergistic set of choices aimed at driving sustainable growth. Our corporate strategy services include:

  • Strategic Analysis: A comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the market and competitive landscape, the entire value chain, relevant best practices and the culture.
  • Compelling Vision: The creation of an aspiration set of long-term objectives. An achievable “North Star”.
  • Performance Goals: A balanced set of financial and non-financial metrics and targets bridging current reality to an ambitious future state.
  • Strategies & Initiatives: A synergistic set of strategic choices that are supported by rigorous scenario planning, portfolio optimization and risk assessment.
  • Mobilization Plan: An implementation plan that includes a critical path with milestones, stakeholder enrollment, external and internal communication and “activation” owners.
  • Culture “Stress Test”: An evaluation of the organization’s capability and willingness to absorb the corporate the strategy, revealing any inherent risks and contingency plans.
  • Self-Sufficiency: A repeatable corporate planning model and approach that enables self-sufficiency for the client.

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