Performance Management


Performance Management

Performance management systems today have often become too complex and slow for the pace of the business and too burdensome and demotivating for employees. Typical challenges include:

  • Poor design that does not fit the specific needs of the organization nor build trust among employees and managers. Systems also can become so unwieldy that resistance is high for employees and managers alike
  • A lack of integration across performance evaluation, individual development, potential assessment, and business plans
  • An inability to distinguish high vs. average performance and to identify those with truly high potential.



Talent Development


What We Do

We can help you identify, manage, and develop your top talent through informed decision making and deliberate planning by:

  • Individual work plans with clear line of sight to your critical business objectives
  • Development planning that drives professional development
  • Performance evaluations that provide performance recognition and feedback, but also create a culture of ongoing dialogue
  • Promotion and potential assessment that project talent needs and motivate your most talented people.

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