Category Leadership

Category Management is an established business process and a top priority for most major retailers. Its impact on the consumer, the shopper, industry methods of business planning, and manufacturer/retailer collaboration is unparalleled. Today, category management thought leaders are delivering profound results and, ultimately “Category Leadership” for manufacturers and retailers alike. The latest processes, techniques and capabilities include the following and more:

  • Customer Centric Focus – a new analytic focus on shopper segments and loyalty over time as a lens at a total category level and for each tactic… e.g. assortment by store, promotion targeting, etc.
  • Omni-channel Insights and Scope – new category planning approaches begin with the expectation that the plan will deliver against both the stores and e-commerce sales growth in an integrated manner across all tactics.
  • Consumer/Shopper Path to Loyalty – while shopper insights have always been at the core of CM, leaders are leveraging insights from e-commerce and m-commerce, social and shopalongs to uncover valuable barriers and triggers to purchase.
  • Retailer Digital Promotions – as retailers migrate from mass promotions in circulars to digital and targeted promotions, this mix must be planned in concert.

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How We Help Clients

business world imageTPG unlocks dramatic category growth



[rquotebox image=”http:/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/head-with-gears.jpg” link=”/retail-consulting-services/retail-category-leadership-case-studies-2/” desclink=”Learn more about our impact” byline=”Chief Merchandising Officer – Grocery Retailer”]
TPG’s program generated significant growth and greatly improved our supplier relationships.[/rquotebox]

TPG Advantage

TPG is the world leader in Category Management with over 25 years of global practice. Our proprietary analytics and methodology produces short term sales and profit gains while building merchandising capabilities. Our passionate team is committed to:

  • Cultivating shopper insights in an Omni-channel world
  • Developing robust plans that accommodate key retailers across diverse channels
  • Orchestrating category growth by uncovering merchandising gaps and trends


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