Category Leadership Program Activation


Category Leadership Program Activation

Category Management is an essential business process within any manufacturer today. Retailers expect robust insights and recommended strategies/initiatives and a clear action plan from their manufacturers. Winning manufacturers are driving insights-based go-to-market platforms and executing with excellence. In order to accomplish this, manufacturers are building personnel capabilities and collaborating effectively with their customers at the interface.


Category Management


What We Do

TPG’s Best Practices Category Management Process – CLP – serves as the process that allows manufacturers to develop a results-generating platform for customer interface work.

CLP Activation is driven by 3 key activities:

  • Activation Roadshow:TPG conducts training for key organization personnel on the principles of category management while using the new platform as the content for workshops, live examples and development of action plans. The result is improved capabilities of the people that are ‘touching CLP content’ and clear action plans for interacting with key customers.
  • Customer Assessment, Driver Selection and Quantification: TPG works with your teams to analyze key customer opportunities, most applicable drivers for a given customer, and size of the prize for successful activation with priority customers.
  • Category Plan Development Facilitation: TPG leads and facilitate the interface meetings between your organization and your priority customers. This facilitation results in a comprehensive category plan customized for your key customer(s) using insights, strategies and initiatives that will ‘move the needle’ for their respective business. TPG leads meetings to productive outcomes, shares examples based on hundreds of plan facilitation experiences all over the world.