Revenue Management Analytics


Revenue Management Analytics

Big Data is a blessing and a curse. It is great to have the data we have today but we are spending more time analyzing numbers and just as much time trying to decide whose number is right. It leaves little time for action.

TPG will help you understand which analytics are right for you and which are not. We can also help you deploy new approaches or work with you to redirect those that you currently have toward better business insights and actions.



Revenue Management Consulting


What We Do

TPG provides analytics and decision support capabilities to extending and increasing trade investment return:

  • Base and Promo Price:Do you understand how you should be price and promoted in the marketplace given your strategy?
  • Predictive Analytics: Are your analytics accurate? Are they being deployed properly and acted upon?
  • Return on Investment: Does your organization define this consistently and can they make a case for improved ROI with the customer?
  • Decision Support: Is maximum effort being geared toward action?