Revenue Management Discipline


Revenue Management Discipline

Many of the companies we work with feel they have a solid strategy and a clear approach for translating that strategy into a compelling customer plan. But the results don’t reflect that belief.

Often we find that this is due to a lack of work processes, policies, compliance – general overall discipline that measures the results real time in the marketplace. And even when that is in place, some organizations are dysfunctional in their ability to adjust quickly without upsetting the overall company strategic intent.

We will help you examine this within your own organization by examining the following areas below.



Revenue Management Consulting


What We Do

TPG will help you reexamine your go-to-market approach based on our years of experience at the interface between manufacturers and retailers to insure the best results. What is necessary?

  • Policy: Does your company have one point of view related to all areas of trade? Is it documented in one place and is it up to date?
  • Process: Is trade consistently managed across the organization? Does it feel as regimented and consistent as, say, the Sales & Operation Planning meetings?
  • Compliance: Beyond actual spend, does the organization know what elements of the plan are working and which ones are not? Does everyone understand their role is correcting known issues?
  • Reporting: Is there a clear line of sight to the numbers that tell the store of executional success or opportunity?