eCommerce Fulfillment


eCommerce Fulfillment

The explosive growth of eCommerce in grocery retailing, through click and collect and home delivery, requires a step-change in fulfillment efficiency. This step-change requires utilizing the retail store as a hyper-local fulfillment center and delivery hub. This involves a combination of technology-assisted manual picking and smart integration of automated goods-to-person robotic systems. This change, when executed properly unlocks significant capacity, removes bottlenecks and reduces overall costs.




What We Do

TPG’s eCommerce fulfillment team has led to the development of global best practices in both manual and automated picking for grocery eCommerce. Our client solutions include:

  • Picking Productivity: A quick wins program that significantly reduces picking labor costs (a minimum of 200bp in just three months).
  • Micro-Fulfillment Optimization: The planning and activation of automated micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs), to full capability, driving efficiency to the next level, and ensure sufficient flexibility for the rapid evolution of shopping habits and technology.

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