Functional Strategy


Functional Strategy

For many consumer products companies hybrid structures, shared services and matrix management have made it difficult to build and retain functional excellence.

Additionally, many general managers and functional leaders are asking how each function continues to contribute to the overall success of the enterprise in the most productive and integrated manner.

As such, functional strategic plans are a high priority, clarifying the function’s role, driving functional and cross-functional best practices and insuring the development of the function’s people.


What We Do

TPG’s team of strategy and functional experts provide powerful perspective, best practices and innovation solutions that help clients create integrated, functional strategies. Our services include:

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  • Best Practices:  Identifying and benchmarking functional best practices internally and externally.
  • Functional Contribution:  An industry analysis revealing the core work streams of a function and its overall contribution to the corporation.
  • Function Vision: The creation of a statement that articulates the function’s long-term, desired state.
  • Functional Goals: A balanced set of functional metrics and targets that monitor a function’s progress and overall contribution.
  • Functional Strategies:  A set of functional strategies that complement and better serve the business units and markets.
  • Functional Initiatives:  A selective set of tactics for each strategy with clearly defined owners, timing and actions.
  • Mobilization Plan: An implementation plan that includes a critical path with milestones, stakeholder enrollment, external and internal communication and “activation” owners.
  • Robust Model: A repeatable planning model and approach that enables self-sufficiency for the client.

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