Talent Development
Inspiring and developing talent in a diverse and rapidly changing world

Talent is critically important to all consumer products manufacturers. Yet, despite spending billions annually on leadership development and talent management, research suggests that few are seeing the desired return on investment. Today’s business pressures present a new generation of human resource challenges and priorities which, in turn, are resulting in a higher level of rigor and strategic thinking to human capital planning.


TPG helped us create and implement a world class talent strategy.

TPG Advantage

We are convinced that great people and organizational capability are a primary source of competitive advantage. Our proprietary human capital analytics and solutions combined with our experienced and passionate partners enables our clients to:

  • Define required competencies to win
  • Assess and match capabilities to role requirements
  • Develop leaders and top talent
  • Strengthen organizational health and engagement
  • See tangible results and benefits from their human capital programs


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