Marketing Return on Investment

Guide a manufacturer through an examination of potential categories for expansion to extend current brands/manufacturing or to acquire new brands/capabilities.

What We Do

We evaluate via benchmarking which of the 4 big P&L spend areas is most ripe for improved efficiency:

  • COGS: We take a Consumer lens to identify where we are investing in COGS that are not valued by the consumer – to generate “consumer-led” cost-savings ideas.
  • Trade: We evaluate which whether opportunities are greatest to improve Trade Spending via: a) improved process, b) improved software/systems, c) people (training/org design), or d) ROI (re-allocation from inefficient to more efficient).
  • Marketing spend (Working): We do “80/20” Marketing Mix Modeling – allowing marketers to gain vast majority of potential learnings at fraction of typical MMM cost.
  • Marketing Spend (Non-Working): We evaluate major buckets of spend including agency fees, production, and research to determine where you can get more bang for your buck.


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