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Retailers are continually evolving their strategies (e.g., new markets, new formats, new offerings, new marketing and merchandising, etc.) to win in the marketplace. Yet validating that the current organization is designed and equipped to achieve the evolving strategies is not a common practice within the retail industry. Leading companies have learned, in some cases the hard way that a great strategy is compromised when the organization does not have the right work processes, structure, people and rewards to deliver it. Major strategic shifts can require a holistic organization redesign while minor strategy refinement may only need an organizational “renewal”. TPG’s proprietary Organization Productivity Model (OPM) addresses both scenarios and, everything in between, insuring that our clients have the optimal organization to deliver their strategy.

What We Do

TPG’s Organization Development Practice has the experience, expertise and results to effectively redesign or renew a retailer’s entire organization, as well as a single Division, function or any other distinct part of the enterprise. A partial list of our organization design consulting services includes:

  • Work Process Design:Assess, create or refine any activity centers and work processes including work sequencing, inputs, outputs, fiscal timing and duration. TPG has over 400 registered best practices to utilize for expedient and world class process reengineering.
  • Decision Productivity: Determine decision rights that drive speed and effectiveness with better clarity (who and what) and precision (where and when).
  • Boundaries & Linkages: Assess and design the proper connection and separation points to ensure synergistic collaboration.
  • Roles & Structure: Assess, create or refine responsibilities and accountabilities by role with clear documentation on job descriptions. Structures are designed to enable the new work while optimizing headcount, layers and spans of control and optimal business orientation.
  • Talent Development: Define functional and technical competencies, proficiency levels and behaviors required to enable the new work, and linked to specific roles.
  • Performance Management: Develop performance metrics, as well as reward and recognition programs that drive new behaviors and desired outcomes.
  • Assessment & Selection: Evaluate personnel using job-related selection tools (e.g., testing, interviews, business simulations) based on the competencies required for success and consistent with organizational strategy and design.
  • Information & Systems: Identification of the critical inputs (information, intelligence, insights, etc.) and systems required to enable the new work of each role.
  • Critical Success Factors & Implications: Identification and prioritization of the critical success factors and implications which are necessary to optimize operationalizing the design across the organization.
  • Transition & Implementation Planning: Develop an efficient transition and implementation plan that paces and sequences the change to optimize results, minimize business disruption and mitigate risk.
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