Succession Planning


Succession Planning

Every great manufacturers and brokers organization realizes that its most sustainable source of competitive advantage is its people. Harnessing that advantage when faced with today’s talent management challenges can be overwhelming.

Factors such as productivity goals, shifting loyalties, and changing employee value propositions all call for a need for more integrated planning that can balance continuity with diversified experience, manage dual career tracks for technical/functional experts and senior leaders, and more.



Talent Development


What We Do

Today’s productivity demands allow very little margin form error in delivering the right people in the right roles. We provide systems for:

  • Role Design: The right role descriptions identify deliverables, ensure behavioral accountability, increase commitment to your mission and vision, provide a basis to develop people, and build alignment across work groups.
  • Pipeline Sufficiency: Ensuring the right talent, avoiding costly vacancies, and planning for the right mix of home-grown and outside talent keeps productivity high while developing your people.
  • Career Pathing:The right job leveling with coherent progression of levels, coupled with more deliberate differentiation of roles, can deliver better performance and develop your best talent.