eCommerce Supply Chain


eCommerce Supply Chain

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TPG helps brand and sales leadership to study and proactively manage a coming wave of increased costs due to eCommerce growth. Our revenue management and supply chain experts unbundle and identify Digital Commerce waste along the full value chain (e.g. Retailer P&L and internal brand P&L).


What We Do

TPG develops an internal and retailer-facing action plan to address retailer fees and requests, provide true efficiencies and control portfolio, trade and bracket pricing levers for profitability.

    • Analysis Work Includes:
      • Critical supply chain analysis of current state and emerging retailer expectations
      • Review of digital marketing and data investment expectations
        Analysis of key pack/portfolio implications from custom SKUs
        Omni-channel revenue management analysis of impact of dynamic pricing on pureplay and omni-retailers
    • Planning Work Includes:
      • Review and adjustment of supply chain tiers, cost to serve policies
      • Business rules for investments in retailer digital marketing and data
      • Recommendations of portfolio required and MAP/Lowest Cost business rules
      • Process and guidelines to manage impact of dynamic pricing on pureplay and omni-retailers