Negotiation Skills

Retailing is more competitive than ever with disruptive competition, channel blurring, supply chain disruptions, and inflationary pressures.

Negotiation is a critical activity to empower profitability, access to inventory, and revenue acceleration that requires process, strategy, financial analytics and functional alignment.

We believe retailers must stop approaching negotiation as something done by merchant’s alone and begin to treat it as an organizational cultural cornerstone.

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How We Help Clients

TPG Advantage

At TPG, we provide experts which have done the job in the real world.  Over 90 partners from all facets of the retail ecosystem deep Consumer Product manufacturer & Retail leadership experience keep a finger on the pulse of emerging negotiation trends and technologies, TPGs wholistic negotiation approach improves results and relationships while preparing your teams for what’s next in the industry.  We work collaboratively to:

  • Provide unique perspective from both sides of a negotiation
  • Deliver world-class training from facilitators with decades of on-the-job experience
  • Empower “negotiation culture” versus just “negotiation training”
  • Focus on implementation post-training
  • Capture measurable results post implementation