“All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they get.” As Retailers strive to grow sales and profits, many are seeking solutions that enhance employee engagement and improve organizational productivity. The challenge is often not “what” to improve but rather “how” to improve the productivity of their organization. Today, many of the leading retailers are seriously contemplating the following questions, among others:

  • How do we ensure that everyone is working on achieving our strategy and top priorities?
  • How do we drive functional excellence and best practices?
  • How do we increase organizational speed, agility and flexibility?
  • How do we create an enabling, inspirational environment?
  • Ultimately, how do we improve employee engagement and productivity?

Retailers must thoroughly investigate the intricate and sometimes complex design of their organization.

What We Do

TPG synthesizes and organizes our Organization Assessment using the Organization Productivity Model.

    • Expertise across the Demand Functions:
      • Customer Research
      • Retail & Digital Marketing
      • Category Management
      • Buying and Merchandising
      • E-commerce
      • Store Operations
      • Logistics
    • What We Assess:
      • Strategic Comprehension & Alignment
      • Work Processes Productivity
      • Role & Structure Design
      • Decision Making Effectiveness
      • Talent Development
      • Performance Management
      • Information and Systems Enablement
  • The Information do we look at: Employee surveys, Work process analysis, document reviews, targeted interviews, relevant best practice and competitive benchmarking
  • What is the Outcome of an Assessment: A Specific improvement roadmap for the client, detailing improvement areas across the OPM, to drive breakthrough results

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