Uncovering Category Opportunities


Uncovering Category Opportunities

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There are two important reasons brand owners should devote resources to uncovering category opportunities:

  • Unmet category needs create an opening for first mover advantage, premium, pricing, and market share growth.
  • You’ll be able to demonstrate category growth opportunities to retailers as you seek their support on the resulting initiatives.

TPG offers a range of Category-level client solutions that achieve these goals and set you up for successful strategies and tactics that capitalize on the learnings.



Uncovering Category Opportunities – Client Solutions

TPG’s Data & Analytics Practice provides Retail & CPG organizations with the structure, process, answers, context, and capabilities needed to create breakthrough growth strategies and plans. Our partial list of client solutions includes:

  • Category Structure & Decision Hierarchy: Establishing shoppers’ view of categories, segments, subsegments & decision making so you can identify white spaces, capitalize on emerging trends, and create shopper-centric strategies to grow your brand and the category.
  • Omnichannel Competitive Analysis: Analyzing competitive SWOT at the category level to identify opportunities for incremental growth & current and potential risks to mitigate, in an omnichannel context.
  • Omnichannel Growth Driver Foresight: Forecasting category growth, providing guidance on where to play & developing size of prize for potential opportunities, as well as initiative validation, including B2B strategy & concept testing.

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