Supply Chain

TPG provides a comprehensive range of strategic, functional and technical consulting solutions to retailers and distributors worldwide. We work with our clients to analyze and identify opportunities, implement solutions and embrace change in an omnichannel and hypercompetitive environment. Our retail experience,  technological expertise, and collaborative approach ensure that our clients achieve their objectives in the most efficient manner. By applying industry best practices, our retail and distributor engagements deliver innovative, agile and sustainable supply chain capabilities.

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How We Help Clients

Our experienced team designs as well as implements retail and distributor consulting solutions in the following areas:


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“TPG helped us transform our entire distribution network. We saved millions while dramatically improving our store service levels.”[/rquotebox]

TPG Advantage

TPG’s professionals have a blend of supply chain experience as corporate leaders, and consultants. As a result, our supply chain team is uniquely qualified to:

  • Diagnose intangible assets to optimize every link of the supply chain
  • Design and build organizational agility, capacity and capability
  • Create integrated solutions to improve performance diagnostics and predictable risk management

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