Retail Organization Integration



Mergers and acquisitions, while offering great benefits, are accompanied by a daunting array of integration issues. Experienced corporations understand the necessity of obtaining assistance from qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in their unique business environment to ensure the integration optimizes synergies and minimize risks. Leaders that address this task and manage the change efficiently and effectively report faster integrations with increased talent retention and increased long-term revenue growth.


Organization Development


What We Do

TPG’s suite of organization integration products ensure a depth of analysis that optimizes operating, financial and talent synergies and strategies, maximizing market and financial results as well as the retention of high-performance personnel. Our proprietary processes create a foundation to execute a seamless organizational transition between varying cultures and infrastructures. Our products include:

  • Due Diligence: vide direction on cultural, organizational fit and financial integration opportunities and watch outs to optimize synergies and minimize business risk.
  • Organization Design: Define new go to market strategies, and design an organization that enables improved results with retailers and consumers, while eliminating duplication through right sizing of resources.
  • Assessment & Selection: Evaluate personnel using job-related selection tools (e.g., testing, interviews, business simulations) based on the competencies required for success and consistent with organizational strategy and design.
  • Implementation: Manage the pace and sequence of the change to optimize results and mitigate risk with TPG’s proprietary change management approach

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