Revenue Management Consulting

Effective Revenue Management is critical for all manufacturers. Overall trade spending continues to grow as more and more money is being allocated to everyday pricing and promotional spending despite the lack of effectiveness in many choices.

The challenge is to deploy a holistic approach that provides practical solutions in the areas of strategy, planning, analytics, execution and organization effectiveness.

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How We Help Clients

business world imageTPG helps companies unlock customer investment productivity


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TPG helped us design and activate a practical revenue optimization solution.[/rquotebox]

TPG Advantage

As experienced practitioners and consultants, we understand your Customer issues/opportunities and work with your team to develop the right solutions for a winning plan. With world-class experience in 38 countries across the globe, we have proven best practices to:

  • Benchmark current Revenue Management practices versus our best practices and develop a holistic Revenue Management program that delivers more effective and efficient results.
  • Develop Revenue Growth strategies that drive profitable revenue (both trade investment and Cost to Serve) among modern and fragmented trade
  • Drive pricing and promotion effectiveness through advanced analytics


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