Top Talent and HiPo Development


Top Talent Development

Top talent is a key differentiator in today’s hypercompetitive markets.

  • Why leave it to chance, last-minute staffing decisions, or careers managed in organizational silos?
  • Do you have the best qualified individuals working your most strategic, highest leverage jobs?
  • Are these roles consistently staffed with individuals with the right skills and experiences needed for business success?
  • Do you know which roles provide the “accelerator experiences” needed to develop your top talent better and faster?



Talent Development


What We Do

We can help you identify, manage, and develop your top talent through informed decision making and deliberate planning by:

  • Providing insights to assess the potential of key managers
  • Identifying the needed experiences
  • Determining the right mix of leadership competencies, technical & functional skills critical for success
  • Understanding the developmental nature of destination roles
  • Designing the right communication to high potentials
  • Developing the decision making and planning systems

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