Distribution Center Productivity

A retail or wholesale supply chain is only as reliable as it’s distribution center’s (DC’s) capabilities. Today’s DC environments or operations are challenged with staying current on the workload and the timely processing of orders at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing quality or safety.

What We Do

TPG brings a wealth of experience, fresh ideas and best practices that help clients identify areas of DC operations that drive and sustain industry-leading levels of capacity and throughput. Our DC productivity services include:

  • An assessment of the current state of DC operations with tailored, best practice recommendations.
  • A comprehensive review of DC productivity standards.
  • The evaluation of current WMS and to provide quick-win and long-term suggestions.
  • Identifying and recommending automation/technology solutions to reduce labor, improve costs and increase productivity.
  • Developing new or enhanced KPI’s that will drive accountability and enhanced operational results.
  • Conduct a “capacity/throughput analysis” and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Evaluating “fixed” or “indirect” labor ratios
  • Evaluating leadership team capabilities
  • Coaching leadership teams for long term success

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