Shopper Engagement


Shopper Engagement

Research suggests that 95% of all purchases occur at the physical or virtual (online) shelf. Identifying the optimal flow, space and arrangement on the shelf that truly provides superior shopper satisfaction is a key need for manufacturers within the industry today. Examining shopper behavior and leveraging those insights, coupled with an analysis of key shelf performance measures (e.g. GMROI, Turns, etc.) results in a complex challenge that manufacturers must tackle to optimize the shelf solution.


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What We Do

TPG’s Shopper Engagement solution applies proven best practice models and techniques to help manufacturers make informed, detailed shelf layout and space recommendations. Our partial list of consulting services includes::

  • Diagnostic Evaluation: Shelf productivity analysis, marketplace discovery, and shopper research mining & understanding. TPG works in collaboration with data & research companies to mine and/or field relevant research.
  • Shopper Journey Insights: Identification of the top consumer, shopper, market and tactical insights along TPG’s consumer/shopper journey model, that identify the stimulus, barriers and triggers that influence how the shopper behaves at the shelf. Identification of the insights that guide the development of the shelf solution.
  • Shopping Engagement Strategy: Development of shelf objectives, key strategies and principles by channel, format and target retailer (as appropriate).
  • Shopping Engagement Design: Recommended flow, arrangement and space by channel, format and target retailer, derived from the diagnostic and insights inputs.
  • Activation Plan & Roadshows: Customer engagement materials that secure retail collaboration, Organization roadshows, customer pilots and rollout.
  • Organization Capability: Skills development through a tailored blended approach including workshops, web, roadshows and competency evaluation.

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