Category Navigator


Category Navigator

Guide a manufacturer to accelerating growth by identifying attractive categories and the pathway for successful entry. This is typically via extending current brands/manufacturing or acquiring new brands/capabilities.

Clients consider Category Navigator when their current categories are growing slower than their company’s financial growth targets.

Pricing Optimization


What We Do

TPG’s comprehensive Category Navigator process takes you through selecting scorecarding criteria, an initial category selection and a deep dive evaluation. We work in 3 phases:

  1. Identifying where-to-play – we assess a broad set of potential categories, and assessing which categories have the right attributes and best fit to the client. This is done through a fact-based, rigorous, and disciplined score-carding process.
  2. Establishing how-to-win – for a narrowed set of prospect categories, we build a Go-to-Market strategy along with a playbook for winning (4Ps).
  3. Determine how-to-enter – we review build, license, and acquire options with specific M&A target ideas, supply chain modeling, & P&L scenarios.