Revenue Management Strategy


Revenue Management Strategy

Revenue Management Excellence isn’t achieved in most cases without a sound set of Strategic Principles in place. Many companies don’t take the time to specifically build a Strategic Plan around Revenue Management.

We will help you do the work that specifically outlines with clear language what needs to be done by who and by when to deliver results. And those results with be monetized! Revenue Management should be geared toward a tangible dollar objective on it’s own.

We have outlined below the key Foundational elements necessary as inputs into the Revenue Management Strategic Plan



Revenue Management Consulting


What We Do

TPG believes that a solid Revenue Management Strategic Plan is contingent on solid strategy development in several areas:

  • Portfolio and Customer Segmentation: Does your company have a clear plan for how your brands are positioned to competition and does that play out in the direction given during planning? Is a channel and customer plan in place
  • Price and Promotion Architecture: Is your value proposition defined?
  • Supply Chain: It cost money to supply product to your customers. Have you combined your supply strategy and customer strategy in a way that treats it as an investment
  • Strategies & Funding : Does your trade fund strategy reflect your strategic intent?