Retail Revenue Management

Effective Revenue Management is a profit game changer for leading retailers. Retailers face aggressive and dynamic price attacks from store and online competitors as well as a constant need to improve promotions year over year. Many retailers recognize a need to proactively solve for promotions and price strategies that are not driving sufficient ROI. challenge is to deploy a data-driven but merchant-smart approach that provides practical solutions in the areas of strategy, planning, analytics, execution and organization effectiveness.

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How We Help Clients

business world imageTPG helps retailers reengineer price and promotion decisions for breakthrough profit



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TPG Advantage

TPG provides experts that understand integrated price and promotion from supplier funding through to store execution including:

  • Benchmark price and promo practices versus industry best practices to develop a Revenue Management program that delivers results
  • Develop promotion and price strategies that drive profitable revenue in challenging categories
  • Drive pricing and promotion effectiveness through advanced analytics


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