Commercial Excellence

We’ve been observing an important shift in the role marketing organizations play in industry-leading companies. Some examples of this shift include:

From Marketing Excellence To Commercial Excellence
Developing excellent marketers Developing excellent marketers & general managers
The consumer is at the center of everything we do The consumer and shopper are at the center of everything we do
The health of my brand is determined by what consumers and shoppers think of it The health of my brand is determined as much by what retail buyers think of it as what consumers & shoppers think
Brand plan objectives must align with those of key customers; if they don’t we must retrofit to ensure they do Aligning my brand plan objectives with those of key customers is a crucial early requirement of planning

We define Commercial Excellence as strategic & executional rigor that delivers more profitable & sustainable business & brand growth because it involves the full manufacturer/retailer & consumer/shopper ecosystems.

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How We Help Clients

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TPG’s Marketing Practice has your toolkit for commercial excellence.


Commercial Accelerators

Commercial Excellence is a marathon, not a sprint. But sometimes the business challenges and opportunities you face require a sprinter. Need urgent support to address a pain point or priority?


Commercial Performance

Commercially excellent organizations have a deep understanding of all levers of their P&L, and are relentless in holding all of their decisions and initiatives to an ROI standard. Need to fortify your measurement systems?


Commercial Talent

Building and nurturing internal competencies is the single biggest determinant to achieving sustainable Commercial Excellence. Ready to identify and close the competency gaps keeping your organization from its full potential?


TPG Advantage

TPG acknowledges and leverages the leadership role of the marketing function in driving Commercial Excellence, not merely marketing excellence.

Our Commercial Excellence team’s unique qualifications include:

  • Playing consulting &/or practitioner roles on some of the world’s biggest brands
  • Being conversant across commercial/operations spectrum & CPG/retail spectrum
  • Underpinning our work with world class insights/analytics


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