Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning Process

Executives often view their strategic planning as tedious, cumbersome and bureaucratic. Furthermore, the process often lacks the level of insight, creativity and inspiration executives expect from strategic planning.

Given its vital role, many companies are refining or installing new strategic and annual operating planning processes. A transformed strategic planning process uncovers meaningful insights, converts insight and wisdom into business plans that are executed with passion, urgency and confidence.

What We Do

TPG’s extensive experience, as consumer products practitioners and consultants, helps clients quickly and productively redesign any or all aspects of their strategic planning. Our consulting services include:

  • Audit & Best Practices: Review client’s strategic planning processes, roles/responsibilities and tools highlight opportunities and compare to best practices.
  • Insight Factory: Design the client’s approach synthesizing research, intelligence gathering and analysis into the formation of strategic insights.
  • Planning: Design a streamlined, highly productive process (including roles, decision rights, tools, etc.) for the development of strategic plans including the framework of the plans.
  • Ideation: Design and/or facilitate ideation workshops that generate a comprehensive set of innovative strategies and initiatives.
  • Scenario Planning: Design the work, roles, tools for scenario and contingency planning.
  • Activation: Design the enrollment, implementation and monitoring (including KPI’s and refinement) for the activating the strategic plans.
  • Tools/Models: The creation of client-tailored models, frameworks and tools (based upon proven, best practices) that enhance a client’s strategic planning.

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