Incentive Based Pricing & Services


Incentive Based Pricing & Services

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Order to Cash costs are increasing at a rapid pace in the areas of transportation, accessorials, fees, fines and product manipulation costs. Managing these costs as one-off challenges limits a supplier’s ability to effect change and control with scale.

TPG works with clients to design Go To Market programs to control order, distribution and cash costs while providing incentives to drive efficient customer behavior.



What We Do

TPG works collaboratively with clients to assess order to cash opportunities and design new or renovated Bracket Pricing and Service incentive programs. We also develop appropriate reporting and compliance processes and install capability across internal and sales departments to ensure that the program launches successfully and is sustainable over time. Our partial list of consulting services include:

  • Assessment: Deep dives into your data to identify cost opportunities across the order to cash process flow and at a customer/region level as well as the opportunities within your existing program.
  • Value Chain Analysis: Assess and identify opportunities for improvement across the Value Chain and identify the size of the Go To Market opportunity.
  • Strategy Alignment: By function we ensure your functional objectives and marketplace strategies are aligned and reflected into the Pricing and incentive program.
  • Program Ideation and Design: TPG works with your Subject Matter Experts to jointly develop program options and the internal capability to drive efficient behavior.
  • Implementation Planning: Using our Best Practice methodology, we develop the sequencing and materials for Organizational training, Selling deployment and the appropriate tools and reporting.
  • Training: We help train the entire multi-functional selling organization.
  • Compliance: We design the appropriate deployment and compliance reporting as well as the ongoing management approach to deliver sustainable and efficient order to cash transactions.

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