Scenario Planning


Scenario Planning

Even the best-crafted strategic plans can become an anchor, tying the organization to an expected future which may never materialize. As a result, many organizations have adopted a discipline designed to create an instinctive ability to envision alternative futures, to recognize them as they reveal themselves and to adapt strategy deployment to evolving and unpredictable business environments.

This process, scenario planning, is intended to help the organization “think the unthinkable” about the future as a prelude to developing strategies which can produce acceptable results across a range of plausible alternative future business environments.


What We Do

TPG’s Partners are experienced in building and/or enhancing our client’s scenario planning capability. We help design the scenario planning processes, train scenario planners, guide data gathering and analysis and facilitate scenario planning sessions including the creation of detailed scenarios and contingencies. Our consulting services include:

  • Scenario Planning Design: Creating the appropriate scenario planning process for a consumer products company.
  • Scenario Planner Training and Development: Helping an organization acquire and develop the capabilities needed to effectively sustain the process.
  • Tool Acquisition: Assisting consumer products clients in the development or acquisition of scenario planning software and/or modeling tools.
  • Facilitation: Assisting clients during the initial cycles of the scenario planning process.
  • Organizational Preparedness: Integrating the scenario planning process with existing planning initiatives.

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