Store & Space Planning

Store & Space Planning

There is a significant focus is on store design and space planning in order to improve the customer experience and increase productivity.

Store design improvements have reduced shopping complexity and have enhanced the shopping experience. Furthermore, optimizing adjacencies and orchestrating shopping patterns can increase conversion and the overall transaction size.

Retailers and suppliers are investing in store fixtures, displays, design elements and planograms to drive sales. Capital budgets have grown to support category modifications and seasonal transitions. There is a growing need to make the right choices and optimize these investments. Which design elements are working (ROI)? What is the optimal planogram update cadence? How should we be investing in “test & learn”? What are the appropriate store designs of the future?

What We Do

TPG provides a team of experts that assist retail clients in developing and implementing a Store Design and Space Planning strategy. Our Store Design & Space Planning services include:

  • Discovery: A review the current state of Store Design and Space Planning. An identification of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Best Practices: An industry review of Store Design and Space Planning Best Practices. This review will provide a description of the tactics that drive innovation for leading retailers.
  • Role & Vision: An aligned role and vision for Store Design and Space Planning. This vision highlights the purpose of Store Design and Space Planning as a part of the enterprise and sequences it within the merchandising process. The role articulates the work, the boundaries and outputs of Store Design and Space Planning.
  • Strategic Plan: A 3-5 year plan that includes an objective, set of goals, series of integrative strategies and initiatives. Each initiative has owners, timing and definition of success.
  • Implementation: Identification of organizational requirements including capital, technology and capabilities. Stakeholder, communication and deployment plans that include milestones and routine updates.