Network Optimization


Network Optimization

Retailers and distributors are increasingly under pressure to re-engineer their supply chain to develop highly productive and agile networks that truly create long-term competitive advantage.




What We Do

TPG’s supply chain experts assist clients in developing an integrated logistics vision and strategic plan. This long-term plan includes industry best practices, service costs, new capabilities, and capital requirements to transform the current network. Our network optimization services include:

  • Gap Assessment of Current State Capabilities vs. Future State Business Requirements: Logistics (DC & Transportation) strategies, operational expenses, service levels, DC design & capacity (storage & throughput), systems (WMS & TMS), levels of automation & mechanization, product flows & operations performance, organization structure, and team capabilities.
  • RFP Development & Evaluation: Support clients in procurement and implementation for 3Pl DC’s or Transportation Carriers
  • Service Providers: Utilize Best In Class Strategic Alliance Service Providers for new DC prototype design, inbound & network modeling tools, and integration of Best Practices that leverage scale improving service, cost, quality, and speed.
  • Project Milestone Development: A detailed milestone schedule is developed to move to an alternative distribution network whether 3 PL, self-distribution or combination.
  • Project Management & Self-Sufficiency: Roles and responsibilities are clarified to ensure all members perform at maximum productivity. And, the client team members own the final outcomes and have developed network optimization expertise.
  • Implementation: TPG either co-delivers project deliverables or leads the delivery of these objectives with the client’s team. And, the client team members own the final outcomes and have developed network optimization expertise.
  • Update and Final Reviews: TPG and the client conduct on-going reviews of the project execution and deliver a final review of how the actual results match up with the original project objectives.

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