Operationalizing Data, Tools, & Technology


Operationalizing Data, Tools, & Technology

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Many organizations are being challenged to keep up with the pace of change in data sources and types, tools, and technology, as well as manage the related cost and complexity.

As a result, these powerful assets can be underutilized, and new options can be overlooked.

TPG offers a range of client solutions for Operationalizing Data, Tools & Technology that address these common issues and set you up for successful strategies and tactics.



Operationalizing Data, Tools, & Technology – Client Solutions

TPG’s Data & Analytics Practice provides Retail & CPG organizations with the structure, process, answers, context, and capabilities needed to create breakthrough growth strategies and plans. Our partial list of client solutions includes:

  • Data & Tool Impact & ROI Enhancements: Benchmarking costs, sources, and uses of data and tools, & provide recommendations to boost impact & ROI, helping your organization and investments become more effective.
  • Operationalizing AI / ML / VR: Linking leading technology capabilities to assortment, promotion, marketing, pricing & test-and-learn, so you can make full use of your current and future technology portfolio.
  • Marketing Mix & Sales & Revenue Management: Evaluating elements of shopper-facing plans to identify impact & ROI improvement opportunities, to fine-tune your go-to-market strategies and make your budget work harder.

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