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Omni-channel Strategy

Leading retailers worldwide are rethinking their corporate strategies to address the powerful wave of Omni-channel retailing. Omni-channel retailing is a strategy to integrate all marketing channels (mass media, circulars, direct mail and digital marketing) and harmonizing store and ecommerce services to create a seamless and engaging shopper experience.

The goal is to drive sales, profits and develop high-loyal, high-value, omni-channel shoppers. Omni-channel shoppers (buyers across more than one channel) are 3 times more profitable than single channel shoppers due to deeper loyalty and increased share of wallet.


Retail Strategy


What We Do

TPG’s team of retail functional experts who bring personal experience running ecommerce as pure play and within store-centric retail work with our clients to provide new and differentiating digital retail solutions and a roadmap to get it done. A partial list of our Omni-channel strategy consulting services include:

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  • Omni-channel Best Practices Review: This work will provide a view into global omni-channel retailer approaches from basic to leadership and our latest updates on the relevant category and class of trade game changers we must consider from the start.
  • Discovery Phase: TPG will undertake interviews and document gathering to identify a summary of the unique strengths and barriers to types of omni-channel executions.   TPG will also conduct a high level Competitive Landscape Review to allow for benchmarking.
  • Omni-channel Vision & Strategies: This module of work involves TPG Team Brainstorming to prioritize a series of potential initiatives into 1-3 Omni-channel concepts for consideration.  This work would involve the use of retailer’s existing corporate strategy and Target Neighbor profile to help focus the outputs.  This work culminates in the design of a brief Omni-channel Vision document that drives alignment across executive team regarding the key differentiators for the retailer.
  • Omni-channel Roadmap: TPG will work with key functional leads on the working group to define and refine guidelines and approaches including force ranked key initiatives in priority based on financial benefit, speed to launch, costs and risk.  Merchandising & Price Offer, Marketing Approach, Supply Chain & Fulfillment Platform, Digital Assets & User/Partner Content, High Level Systems and Personnel Resources.
  • Omni-channel Size of the Prize:  TPG defines the high level size of the business, estimates the major investments in capital, personnel and software , generates top down estimates using benchmark ratios to create a high level 3 year P&L.

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