Data & Insights

Amid today’s complexity, competition, and disruptive changes, your business must also prepare for a future that will look very different from the present. At the same time, the mix and scale of data, tools, and technology are rapidly evolving, creating challenges that range from cost to capability. Future growth will depend on using the right assets to quickly and effectively align and act on where to play and how to win, with an increasing reliance on foresight vs. hindsight.

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How We Help Clients

Our practical expertise in applying data and insights uncovers new growth opportunities for you.

> Understanding Shopper Needs & Drivers
> Uncovering Category Opportunities
> Defining Brand Opportunities
> Quantifying Omnichannel Retail Opportunities
> Pinpointing eCommerce Opportunities
> Operationalizing Data, Tools, & Technology


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“TPG dramatically strengthened our ability to compete using data and insights”[/rquotebox]


TPG Advantage

Led by experts with deep functional and operating experience, we bring true foresight to big opportunities that can be executed with impact. Our Data & Analytics solutions are based on a deep understanding of client needs earned from over 25 years of immersion in CPG, Retail, and Data & Analytics.


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