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An effective Innovation Strategy and Product Roadmap helps the best innovators deliver higher in-market success rate, faster speed-to-market, and balanced innovation portfolios closely aligned with the broader business objectives. It sets clear priorities to focus organizations on the most important innovation opportunities and capability development areas.

Innovation strategy & product roadmaps help companies avoid common barriers to innovation:

  • Poor Resource Allocation: Duplicated efforts, misaligned priorities, inadequate resources
  • Internal Focus: Pet projects and technology-led ideas not grounded in external market needs
  • Poor Portfolio Mix: Too many small ideas, extreme short-term focus, too many big-sky ideas
  • Excessive Innovation Cycle Times: Inefficiencies which slow down speed to market
  • Poor Alignment and Decision-making: Siloed functions, unnecessary re-work

What We Do

Utilizing TPG’s innovation engagement model, we help clients develop an effective Innovation Strategy and Product Roadmap to refine organizational focus and expedite the delivery of their financial and strategic objectives.

  • Innovation Strategy: Determine your innovation approach by determining where to play, and how you will win.
  • Opportunity ID: Utilize insight and whitespace identification analytics to prioritize growth territories and quantify the size of prize.
  • Platforms and Vectors: Define insight-based innovation territories which provide organizational focus and high value creation potential.
  • Product Pipeline: A qualified progression of innovation concepts which fuel sustainable share and profit growth over time.
  • Speed-to-Market Accelerator: Identify opportunities to systemically shorten the time-to-market of new innovations by optimizing systems, technologies, and the supply chain.
  • Scorecarding: Design and implement clear metriced threshold markers for concept advancement.
  • Organizational Development Priorities: Ensure organizational structure, work processes, and decision rights empower the team and overcome pinchpoints.

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