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An organization’s culture is a critical enabler, or disabler, of how effectively it operates. Culture can be a barrier to achieving desired strategies and objectives. Manufacturers with highly productive cultures incorporate a methodical and ongoing approach to cultural change. These deliberate and focused initiatives are generating meaningful results. Diagnosing and evolving culture is not a routine management task and is often complicated.


Organization Development


What We Do

TPG provides a comprehensive view of cultural evaluation and change, utilizing our proprietary cultural development tool. Our consulting services include:

  • Cultural Visioning: Facilitate senior executives through an evaluation of the current state with an understanding of key inhibitors to business results. This step culminates in the development of a cultural vision statement providing clarity for the future state.
  • Cultural Diagnostics: Conduct an in depth evaluation of the current state culture, providing clarity on cultural drivers and a prioritized recommendation on areas to address to achieve vision state.
  • Cultural Improvement Plan: Development of a customized and multi-faceted plan focused on achieving the cultural vision and aligning the organization around key elements of a new culture. This includes management workshops to design a culture vision, core values, leadership principles and a code of conduct consistent with corporate strategy.
  • Culture Evolution (Implementation): Identify key triggers to actually realizing the new culture. Our experts plan and lead a careful and sensitive approach to installing the new or modified culture with success metrics identified and measured over time.

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