Category Leadership Program


Category Leadership Program

Category management is an essential business process and a top priority for almost every consumer products manufacturer. As an embedded practice within the industry, category management has evolved through the combination of accumulated learning, changing industry conditions and new opportunities. Today, category management best practices are delivering profound results and, ultimately “Category Leadership” for leading consumer products companies. While many of the tenants of the original category management model are alive and well, new best practices, developed by TPG, have emerged. Manufacturers that have embraced and effectively implemented these emerging practices are experiencing extraordinary and, importantly, sustainable growth.


Category Management


What We Do

TPG’s Category Leadership Program (CLP) provides the platform for identifying new insights, creating a compelling category vision and building new strategies and go-to-market solutions. CLP has helped most of the world’s leading manufacturers win with consumers, shoppers and retailers. The process and key components are described below:

Step 1 Discovery & Alignment: Identify key priorities; create a program charter and conduct stakeholder interviews

Step 2 Category Definition: Create a clear, consumer-driven category description and segmentation

Step 3 Insights Identification: Identify and prioritize insight (data/research) gaps, design & field research, undertake data mining and insight identification spanning the entire consumer & shopper journey leveraging TPG’s proprietary Path-to-Loyalty model. This work results in an organization of key business questions and insights into an ongoing ‘library’

Step 4 Category Vision & Role: Develop a clear, aspirational statement that describes where a manufacturer wants/expects the category to be over the next 3-5 years as well as a ‘stake in the sand’ in terms of Role by Channel

Step 5 Category Growth Strategies & Breakthrough Tactics: Build insight-based, consumer and shopper centric strategies that accelerate category growth for the targeted shoppers, geographies, channels and customers. Identify major, innovative concepts based on opportunities and insights that will deliver the growth drivers for the category and provide growth opportunities for your brands

Step 6 Tactical Blueprints: Define the detailed tactical guidelines on how to manage the four P’s: Product Assortment, Pricing, Promotion, Category & Product Presentation, for customer teams to use as direction for detailed tactical planning with customers

Step 7 Launch Planning & Target Setting: Identify the quantitative benefits for a retailer in executing the proposed growth drivers and initiatives

Step 8 Deliver: Deliver hands-on training and customized customer category plans that launch the CLP content to your organization and ensures the execution of the strategic plan across the customer base

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