Organization Design
Organizing for future success

Is your organization capable of achieving your vision and goals? Our research reveals that only one in four CEO’s are confident that their organization is capable of doing so. Organizations need to continually assess and re-design themselves in light of their evolving strategic plans and marketplace conditions. Many of the world’s leading consumer products companies are reshaping organization design practices in order to:

  • Synchronize strategy and design
  • Drive innovation, speed and agility
  • Place accountability and reward where it matters
  • Incorporate the diverse needs of today’s workforce

How We Help Clients

business world imageTPG designs & builds organizational health



TPG strengthened our organization health and equipped us to win in the future.

TPG Advantage

Our ultimate objective is to help our clients imbed new practices and capabilities to achieve their strategic imperatives. Our proprietary design and implementation methodologies deliver enduring organizations and change. Our experienced and passionate team is committed to:

  • A rigorous assessment and comprehensive design that goes far beyond structure
  • Strengthen short and long term performance
  • Reduce costs and manage complexity
  • Accelerate decision making and activation
  • Orchestrate change that insures executional excellence while creating enabled leaders and an engaged organization


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