Buying & Merchandising

Retailers continue to upgrade their critical buying and merchandising processes to drive sales. Recently, incursion of e-commerce is driving Omni-channel approaches to merchandising across physical stores and e-commerce sites. Buying and Merchandising thought leaders are delivering sales and profit results through the disciplined application of analytics and insights. Advanced buying and merchandising functions execute continuous improvements in promotion ROI, optimized pricing and detailed store specific assortment and space.

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How We Help Clients

business world imageTPG helps retailers increase productivity, sales and profits through the discipline of data driven merchandising



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TPG’s approach enabled our Category Managers to take a deeper and broader view of their businesses and developing more innovative solutions.[/rquotebox]

TPG Advantage

TPG provides unparalleled industry expertise and experience. Our proprietary analytics and methodology produces winning strategies and enduring shareholder value. We help our clients:

  • Formulate a winning assortment strategy within a crowded retail environment
  • Develop clustered and tailored space optimization solutions that drive sales
  • Improve promotion planning processes across functions that maximize productivity and profit


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