Customer Planning Discipline


Customer Planning Discipline

Every dollar spent with a customer is an investment. At TPG, that is what we believe and we can demonstrate how this philosophy can change your mindset. That is one of the reasons we talk the broader subject of Revenue Management vs. the traditional Trade Management term.

Annual Planning is therefore a key step. This is where your strategic intent meets the Will and Skill of your sales organization. It is important that the elements below come together in a way that deliverers a plan that will success with customers and has the full commitment of the internal team.



Revenue Management Consulting


What We Do

TPG will help you reexamine your go-to-market approach based on our years of experience at the interface between manufacturers and retailers to insure the best results. What is necessary?


  • Investment Mindset: Does your company have clear understanding of how money is utilized within each customer?
  • Funding Allocation: Are you fully aware of how each dollar allocated to customers connects to your plan for the business overall?
  • Incremental Spending: As you execute the plan within the operating cycle, can you keep track of additional dollars invested into the marketplace? Do they payback? Do they take you off your strategic pathway?