Best Practice JBP Pilots


Best Practice JBP Pilots

Consumer products manufacturers are continually seeking new and better ways to collaborate. Many companies are learning that investing in productive partnerships can reduce costs, accelerate growth and ultimately lead to competitive advantage. The challenge for manufacturers is finding the capacity and capability to identify the right partner and step-change the performance of day-to-day activities.


Joint Value Creation


What We Do

TPG has extensive experience in developing and implementing several of the worlds most advanced manufacturer-retailer interface processes. Our partial list of consulting services includes:

  • JBP Scope & Recruitment: Determine the scope of the interface project, the partner selection criteria and recruitment process.
  • Detailed Joint Business Planning Toolkit and Approach:Documentation of target best practices, including workflow, agendas, key data and consumer/shopper research inputs, detailed standard JBP report outputs, scorecards, manufacturer and retailer roles/responsibilities and capability requirements.
  • Best Practice JBP Pilot Facilitation: TPG partner’s help both parties prepare and then execute the key planning sessions including ideation and store visit components if desired. Pilots can be designed at the foundation, advanced and leadership levels depending on the desired depth and breadth of planning. TPG stays connected and helps to drive the implementation phases, which are critical to the entire process.
  • Final Pilot Findings Report:Comprehensive report of the final, validated approaches including your company’s pilot results and critical success factors. Recommendations on how to scale up the rollout of JBP and generate consistent solid results.